Chalet Zakopane Poland - GORSKA OSADA - hotel
Chalet Zakopane Poland - GORSKA OSADA - hotel - wooden cottage for rent

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Urszula Górska-Iwicka

Urszula Górska-Iwicka

właścicielka Górskiej Osady

rysunek sanguiną: WIEJSKIE WESELE PO GÓRALSKU, autor: Urszula Górska-Iwicka

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Creators of Osada

The owners and creators of GORSKA OSADA are architects. In addition to management OSADA and work on its development, also leads their own architectural office IWICKI & GORSKA. The proprietress, Urszula Górska, is also drawing artist and is one of the Tatra Society of Arts, and some of her work decorate the interior of houses.

As they say:


We are architects infected with passion for creating beautiful and stylish places. We have therefore decided to create GORSKA OSADA. It is proposition for those seeking luxury, family recreation. It is also an expression of our admiration for the beauty of culture and tradition of Podhale, which we are trying to show here.


Therefore, buildings which we design and build in OSADA are the real part of that culture. Rich in detail and cherishing with respect traditions of carpentering houses, express our dream, that this Podhale world still remained somewhere small and wooden, that each could see in it the proximity of nature.


To Podhale remain Podhale, where a smoll wooden houses, beautifully decorated landscape, bring to mind the taste of home bread, and scent of flowers from home gardens will welcome us at the threshold...


MSc. Architect. Jakub Iwicki . MSc. Architect. Urszula Górska-Iwicka


owners and creators of Osada

ZADZWON DO GORSKIEJ OSADY t: (+48) 601 055 097 t/f: 0 (048) (18) 20 75 044 e:

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